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Track your Marketing Manager email Opens and Clicks for Free!

ICONd Quick Campaign Lite

Quick Campaign Lite (QCL) allows ConnectWise users to use an HTML-based email in ConnectWise  Marketing Manager that, once sent, is able to track who in the marketing group has opened, and clicked your email - as well as when and how many times they took either action to your Marketing Campaign. -- and it’s 100% FREE to use.

How does it work?

To use Quick Campaign Lite (QCL), simply fills out a short form on our site to generate custom URLs and code for tracking. You'll use this code on your Website, replace your links with the generated links, add an image and your ready to track your email blast!

QCL example qcl code QCL example tracks links

Why would you want this information?

Using the open and click information obtained by using QCL in a ConnectWise campaign, marketers can gauge the overall success of their email campaign. Has one contact revisited your email several times? Your sales team can use this information to reach out to the interested party.

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