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JoomConnect Facebook Integration

Collect Leads from your Facebook Business Page into ConnectWise!

Display virtually any Joomla content using a Menu Item on your website. Display your news, services, blog, testimonials, promotional and landing pages, and let your fans submit tickets, register for events, and kick off service tickets, opportunities, schedule activities, and attach marketing groups and tracks automatically in your ConnectWise. Once the content is on Facebook, you can edit it right from your Facebook page using a WYSIWYG editor!


Get JoomConnect on your Facebook!

Make your Facebook Page that much more dynamic with customized content and forms that integrate back to ConnectWise!

With 800 million active users on Facebook talking and sharing all the time, the social network is a gold mine for marketing and networking when done right. Combined with the Ultimate Social Rig, which gives you an intuitive online social media dashboard so you can manage and schedule out updates to multiple social networks, JoomConnect Facebook Pages brings the functionality of your website and JoomConnect to Facebook.

Get Even More from Facebook

Facebook and social media marketing are extremely valuable on their own, but with JoomConnect Facebook Pages, the sky is the limit!

With JoomConnect on your Facebook Page, you can:

  • Load the JC Quick Ticket Module for easy support ticket creation.
  • Create a registration form for an upcoming event that schedules the activity.
  • Track everyone who fills out a form on Facebook to a specific marketing group.
  • Kick off a track, marketing group, and schedule an activity whenever a logged in user lands on a specific area of your Facebook page with Landmines
  • Load promotional automation templates
  • And so much more!


  • Get the functionality of JoomConnect on Facebook
  • Display forms, articles, blog items, and virtually any other content
  • Edit content from the front end directly from Facebook
Run campaigns, promotions, and let customers submit support tickets from Facebook!

Ultimate Social Media Rig

  • Sold separately, or check out the FREE project plan for it on the ConnectWise University!
  • Setup Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flickr, and YouTube
  • Third-party service Ping.fm lets you post to multiple social networks with a single text message or email
  • Hootsuite acts as an online social media dashboard, letting you view and manage comments and mentions across the major social networks
  • Schedule out status updates
  • Includes training/consulting

Your Facebook Like Page Requires Users To Like the Page Before They Can Access Additional Information, This Like Page Is Customizable Within Facebook's TOS